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Does CBD Help With Nausea

Does CBD Help With Nausea

Everyone knows that CBD is the kinder sibling of marijuana, often a great choice when wanting some type of relief without feeling the full effects of weed. CBD helps with a variety of symptoms, like anxiety, stress, and insomnia.

Christoforos Karahaliidis
Jun 01, 2021

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Everyone knows that CBD is the kinder sibling of marijuana, often a great choice when wanting some type of relief without feeling the full effects of weed. CBD helps with a variety of symptoms, like anxiety, stress, and insomnia. One symptom that is up for question though, does CBD help with nausea? While cannabidiol might help with many symptoms, let’s dive deeper and explore whether CBD helps with feeling nauseated and if you should be grabbing for the CBD tinctures the next time you’re feeling queasy.

How does CBD help with nausea?

There is some truth to the fact that CBD can be a method for reducing nausea or symptoms of an upset stomach. However, THC has studies that show more success with reducing nausea than CBD does. Typically, cancer patients have turned to THC in order to help with feelings of an upset stomach from chemotherapy treatments. The potency of THC and its psychoactive ingredient seems to help nausea much quicker than CBD can.

While both THC and CBD molecules interact with serotonin receptors, the psychoactive ingredient in THC kicks in quicker and users experience less discomfort at a more rapid rate. Serotonin receptors influence how a person feels, affecting your mood and overall well-being. When serotonin receptors are low, feelings of anxiety and stress might arise. Chronic stress and constant anxiety will deplete serotonin levels which is why many who experience low serotonin levels take CBD to counteract those feelings. 

In this instance, CBD does help with nausea by increasing serotonin levels which helps to your mood and anything like anxiety or stress that might trigger an upset stomach will go away. However, for other reasons nausea might be related to, THC is probably the better route to take if you are able to. Nausea is an annoying feeling to have and THC really does the trick by kicking in immediately and taking a person’s mind off of the feeling of throwing up. 

What kind CBD to take for nausea

If you must take CBD for nausea, there are certain methods that might work better than others considering the last thing you want to do is smoke if you are feeling queasy. First and foremost, full spectrum CBD is a top choice because it consumes all of the cannabis plant, including trace amounts of THC. Other kinds of CBD like CBD isolate are still options but might not be as effective.

Try some of the following types of CBD whenever you are feeling bouts of nausea:

  • CBD Tinctures - It is very easy to put a few drops of a CBD tincture under the tongue and experience relief fairly quickly. Although sometimes tinctures might not have the most pleasant taste and can often worsen nausea, if you are able to get past that it will be nothing but beneficial. Trust!
  •  CBD Capsules - Similar to popping a pill, just put a CBD capsule into your mouth and let it dissolve and work its magic. Most CBD capsules are in gel form so it will dissolve quickly and start taking effect soon after.
  • CBD Patches or Sprays - While CBD patches or sprays work, for nausea it might not be the most potent in the way tinctures or capsules would. But nonetheless they are an option and should be given a shoutout!

The Helping Friendly Full Spectrum Tincture - 2000mg

Full Spectrum Tincture

The Helping Friendly Full Spectrum Tincture is a premium full spectrum CBD option and excellent choice for nausea as it contains 2,000mg of CBD. While some tinctures can contain 500mg or maybe 1,000mg, this amount means business and the full spectrum ingredients should help those serotonin levels kick in and quickly.

HempLucid Soft Gel Capsules 

HempLucid Soft Gel Capsules

If you’re more of a pill person than dropping tinctures under the tongue, HempLucid Soft Gel Capsules is about as smooth of a ride as you’ll get on your journey to alleviating nausea. These soft gel caps are made of full spectrum CBD and users can choose the level of strength between 25mg, 50mg, and 75mg. With about 30 servings per container, these soft gel caps are about a month’s supply and should last you a few weeks if using consistently. 

CBD Living Transdermal Patch

CBD Living Transdermal Patch

If not wanting to consume CBD orally, try the CBD Living Transdermal Patch. Try putting this patch on your upper arms or chest and let it seep into your system. This specific patch states that each patch lasts about 96 hours, so naturally your nausea should subside eventually.

CBD as a solution for nausea

Although CBD is not the best solution for helping nausea, CBD does help with nausea in the sense that it increases serotonin levels and overall mood. Nausea is never a good thing to experience and might often be triggered by uneasy feelings, so confronting that first and foremost might help with alleviating nausea in general. CBD, especially full spectrum CBD, is a great alternative to over the counter pharmaceuticals if seeking nausea relief. If you’re looking for more full spectrum CBD options to help with nausea, be sure to check out CBD products for other tinctures, gels and more.

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