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Vacationers Outraged After Being Charged £612 By Greek Restaurant For 'Four Drinks And Food'


A few vacationers outraged after being charged £612 by Greek restaurantfor 'four drinks and food.' Be very careful when you go on vacation, since if you make even one mistake, you can find yourself in a financial bind that's difficult to get out of.

And that is exactly what transpired with a group of people who were on vacation when they were forced to shell out more than $600 at a seaside pub.

The Italian vacationers were having a wonderful time on their vacation in Mykonos, Greece, when they made the decision to take a seat and take in the scenery. And as luck would have it, they chose DK Oyster in Platys Gialos as the best spot for a drink there.

The user stated they had simply gone in for a few drinks and a little of food, but ended up falling prey to the "biggest cheaters and thieves in Mykonos" because of the excessively high rates. The user called the prices "abusive."

The customer, reflecting on their time there, said:

We were convinced to sit there for free and at no point were we informed about the abusive price of the food and drinks. We drank three orange juices, one Aperol Spritz and a medium portion of squids and shrimps, and at the end I needed to pay 711,00 euros!!! They are the biggest cheaters and thieves of Mykonos. They offer the food without explaining the details. They transformed our experience into a horrible one. They damage the image of Mykonos.- Anonymous

DK Oyster received a bad review
DK Oyster received a bad review

The person added:

If I had time I would have called the police but we needed to return to the ship. They should be closed!!!! Never stop there, there are other much, much cheaper options even paying for the sun bed.- Anonymous

However, this is not the first time that the upscale restaurant has been subjected to some criticism from patrons of the establishment. In the early part of this year, the restaurant fired back at a customer who had lodged a complaint, claiming that they had paid $50 for a glass of lemonade.

The customer blasted:

When we came to pay, they charged €58 (£49) for the lemonade. On what planet is that acceptable.- Anonymous

The restaurant said that "there is no illegal action described," the eatery also stated that the client does not want to pay for the price of the services and products provided by other hard working people.

There is no way to be sure who you are - I have no recollection of a customer who ordered a lemonade and a sandwich. I do not know when and if you were ever a guest, but you surely have the nerve to post this attempted slander hidden behind your anonymity.- DK Oyster restaurant management

Final Words

Despite the concerns, DK Oyster's owner, Dimitrios Kalamaras, has defended the prices, arguing that they are reasonable and that the staff is not pushy. He blamed unfavorable reviews on attention-seeking consumers and influencers looking for free lunches, and vowed not to give in to their demands.

At the restaurant's entrance, three blackboards with pricing have been put. DK Oyster has yet to reply to the claims after being contacted for comment.

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